I’m Patrick Shettlesworth. You may remember me from nearly 10 years ago when I put up some lousy tutorials on how to draw and color stuff in a world where there weren’t very many tutorials. Nostalgia must have brought you back because I’ve updated almost nothing in that last few years. I keep the site up because I like to have a place to put my stuff….and it’s nice to have visitors.

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  • keynada:

    hey i was wondering if you could send me alot of helful tutorials on how to draw anime hair i looked at the one you have on the site but i need a little more help thanks


  • Tom R:

    Your tutorials are great tools for begginer manga artist and comic artist around the world.Great stuff here. Some of the tutorials helped quite a bit thank you.

  • I remember finding your tutorials when I was about 14 or so. Back then I was on a serious pen and ink kick and you really helped me to improve. Now I have my own website, sell my work, and am starting to make a name for myself. Thanks so much for being awesome!

  • Bine:

    hey dude…u r great!!!i mean,am just in Cameroon(Africa) and i went thru ur stuff.U have inspired me.Will nid more tutorials as am about to launch ma own comic and i hope to begin the business in africa in the nearest future.I will mail u my problems as much as i can.hope u wont mind.
    once again,thanks bine(20yrs/Cameroonian)

  • Nate:

    Hi Patrick!

    While I do return occasionally of nostalgia, I wanted to give you a big thank you for your tutorials even now. I appreciate that your tutorials are more rough and portray the artist during the actual working process.

    I find that with many of the newer tutorials I become overwhelmed with the HUGE difference in skill level displayed IN A TUTORIAL. I believe that your tutorials are still some of the best out there especially for beginning and intermediate artists.

    Thank You!


    PS I also love seeing your portfolio on the site since it shows how rough you kept it in the tutorials. Your portfolio overwhelms me sometimes with how much better your skills are than mine.

  • Hey! Thanks a lot! I remember the fun of doing those tutorials because I was as excited about learning a digital medium as I was to share it. Glad you came back around. Patrick

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