Action: ok, so you've mastered the typical standing figure and now you want them to actualy fight and move. The key here is the stick figure and the line of motion. Lot's of artist (myself included once) got all caught up in the clothes and muscles and details waaaaay to early in the drawing. The key to a good action pose is a strong foundation and the stick figure will help us with that.

Pre-Step: Stick Figure Hero!

This is as complicated as you should get when making a stick figure...stay fast and loose. Make little circles to show where the joints and head are. Don't worry about fingers and toes. Just make a solid stick man.

Step 1: Stick figure set-up

Here I got a JohnWoo set-up. The character is crouched down behind a bar ready to jump out and fight Gunz-a-blazin'. I just concentrate on making the gesture believable and dynamic.

Step 2: How do I make it Dynamic?

The first thing I draw (and I shoulda shown this first) is the Line of motion. This line is a smooth curve that goes from the top of the characters head, through the body via the spine and out . I build the stick figure on this line.

Step 3: Fleshing it out

In my 2 prior tutorials I show you how to draw body parts using balls, cones and cylinders. I just posted another tutorial on Foreshortening..check those out for help on this step.

Keep the integrity of the stickfigure and lightly work in the body shapes.Keep fast and loose..don't press to hard with the pencil here.

Step 4: Finishing up:

Use a kneaded eraser (see Materials) and blot away your lighter support lines while darkening in the lines you wish to keep. Voila


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