What?! You're still here?!...okay..but the info below is 10 years out of date. I have many new tricks and tips for making digital art but feel free to spin up with these.

My Tutorials now available in SPANISH/ Espa´┐Żol : translated by Savior.


Materials: What do I draw this stuff with?

The Basics: Can't start without knowing this stuff!

HANDS part 1

HANDS part 2




Foreshortening: A short cut?

Creating a Character!

Fighting and Camera Angles


The basic female head/ front view

frontview simplified

The basic female head/ profile

Profile simplified

The 3/4 view female head

3/4 view simplified

the female body

Facial Features Part 1: the EYE

Facial Features Part 2: The Mouth

Chibi Drawing! (aka Super Deformed)


the Male Body

the Male Torso

the Male Head

Action Poses


a Basic Mech


Clothing part 1: The Physics of Folds

Clothing part 2: Buckles, Snaps and Laces

Weapons: Pistols and Revolvers

StoryBoards (semi Tutorial)


How to color lineart in Photoshop via Channels

How to Color Lineart in
Paint Shop Pro


How to use Blending modes in Photoshop to create amazing colored art!
Click here to see how to color comics like "BattleChasers".


How to use Textures and layer effects to create "Intron Depot" like backdrops for your pinups!
Don't have a high end 3D rendering program? Now worries! I'll show you how to fake it!

text can be difficult to read in the HTML version on screen resolutions higher the 800x600


Scanning Line Art
How to get the cleanest scan from your inked art.


Photoshop Effects

Speedlines via Custom Brushes

Displacement Maps

Faking Comic Tones

Getting Realistic SkinTones


Lens Flares

Metal Objects

Energy Blasts

FireBall / Plasma Ball

Neon Signs


Japanese Lessons

Calendar Items
© 2011 Patrick Shettlesworth

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