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Here is the long awaited expression tutorial.This tutorial is very similar to the tutorial available in the "How to draw Manga" book...since it's so hard to find I thought I'd convert the lesson using my own art and post it up here for you. Click on the face to the left to download a blank template you can use to follow along.

What follows below is a guide...My methods vary a little but I want to put across a generic average for you to build your own styles on.

Angry (okatta)
Really Mad: The eyebrows come down. the pupils shrink and you get a little x on your forehead. Fanged teeth help convey the emotion. Kinda mad: Pupils back to normal size but the eye brows are still down. No popping veins or fanged teeth. Miffed: Mouth goes up in an upside down lopsided "u". Eyebrows are still down but not as far.
Sad (kanashii)
Super sad: WaaAAAAAHHH! Eyes squeezed shut. Mouth wide open..tears of shame and grief streak the face. Eyebrows up. Upset: Eyebrows up, mouth not as wide open..eyes have more sparkles in them to convey "wet". Tears still visible in corners of the eye distraught: Eyebrows up...eyes all a-sparkle with tears. Mouth in upside down "U" mode.
Happy (ureshii)
Joyous: Eyes shut from smiling. Rays of blushy joy on cheek. Mouth in sideways "D" mode. Eyebrows up. Gleeful: Eyebrows up. A thin line goes follows the upper curve of the eye to convey a relaxed state. The lower eyelid covers the bottom of the pupil to mak it "squinty happy". Mouth is a sideways "D" but a bit smaller. Content: Same as gleeful but the eyes are a bit wider open. Mouth is a small bow curve.
Others (sono uchi)
Thoughtful: My personal favorite.. one eyebrow down, one up. Mouth is an upside down "V". Eye's usually looking up and to the side. Suprised: Eyebrows UP..eyes wide but pupils small. Mouth in a lopsided"O". sick or disgusted: Features are drawn in a minimalist way to convey humor. Mouth is a squiggle low on the face. eyelids and eyebrows are a flat line. maybe add a sweat drop.
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