HAIR: First you may want to download and print out the template I made just for class so you can follow along. It includes a bald female and male head. Use it to develop your own hairstyles.
1) Download Template (adobe acrobat PDF)
2) Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step 1: Define the Hairline

The hairline is located on a line that extends from ear to ear at a 45 degree angle up from the eyeline. Or..bisects the forehead horizontally between the eyes and the crown of the head. This characters har parts down the middle so I add another guidline to represent the partition from front to back.

Step 2: Define the strands

Hair grows up and out of the head like spikes on a sea-urchin. (uni anyone? hah, sushi joke). Except hair isn't rigid like a spike. It's soft so it falls back downward because of gravity. Draw the hair in smooth sweeps from the hairline and part. is individual strands.. It's not a helmet made of playdoe. Obviously you aren't going to draw a million strands but do draw enough the give body and depth to the hair.

Step 2: Define the body

After you have your strands figured out. Define the outline of the hair. Trim away stray lines you aren't using and add shading where the hair is farther away from the viewer or deeper toward the scalp. Notice the darker shade of purple I used and how it rounds out the hair? (granted this is a very simplified piece).

Step 4: Create the highlites

Highlites give hair that healthy Anime Pantene glow. The anime highlite is usually like a halo sitting on the upper 1/3 if the hair. This all depends on the available light you're using and whether or not this person would have Shiny hair.

Look in fashion magazines and comics for more style ideas!


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