Here is the first in a series of HAND tutorials. This first step is important to understanding how the hand is constructed and were the pivot points are. Once you are comfortable with the proportions of the hand it will be easier to draw it in different positions. For now let's concentrate on the basic "Spread Fingered" hand. Follow along and study your own hand as you go.

Hands : Step 1- the oval

Draw an oval. Much like the one you see to the left.
Designate a point on the lower center line of the oval. This is the anchor point we'll use for our fingers.

Hands : Step 2- radials

Draw 5 lines radiating out from the anchor point.
The longest line will be the middle finger...make it just slightly shorter than 2 oval lenghts.

Hands : Knuckle placement

The remaining finger lengths fall on an arc from the height of the middle finger. The knuckle closest to the tip of the finger is slightly less than 1/3 the way down from the finger tip. The next knuckle splits the difference between the remaining length to the top of the palm oval.

The thumb has 3 knuckles as well but the anchoring is hidden inside the palm.

Hands : Fleshing in

Flesh in the fingers as shown here. The fingers start narrow at the base..widen at the first knuckle then taper down again toward the tip. Believability is added by drawing creases in the places the hand bends the the knuckles and along the palms. Look at your own hand for reference. Everybody's hand is slightly different. This hand is definately mine.

(Notice I am Right handed and that's why my hand model is a Left hand)

Hands : The opposable Thumb

The thumb kinda has it's own thing going on. It rotates around on its own axis. The thumb swings inward on its Anchor Knuckle and bends down at its second knuckle to point at the base of the Ring finger. The thumbs arc peaks at the middle knuckle of the index finger.

Hands : Finger lengths

The Index finger and the Ring finger are nearly the same height..about the halfway point of the middle finger "tip". The Ring finger is just slightly longer.

The Pinky finger comes up to the last knuckle line of the Ring finger.

Notice how the hand is not Square but Wedge shaped.

Next up: The hand in action


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