3/4 View : Step 1- the oval

Draw a circle. The circle is the foundation of the head for any veiwpoint. It doesn't need to be a perfect circle like this. A basic ovoid shape will do nicely. Measure out the face by figuring the top of the head..the bottom of the chin and the eyeline about halfway between.

3/4 View : Step 2- the chin

Add the chin and Jawline. Male faces aren't as round and heart-shaped as female faces. It seems there are more variations available for the male face than the female face. I'll stick with a standard type here. Make the angles sharper and the chin square..don't come to a point.

For now just make something like you see here.

3/4 View : Step 3-Facial Divisions

Here I decide the facial planes. It helps me keep the features together and tight.

Notice how the jawline meets up with the vertical earline

3/4 View : Step 4- Rough it in

Here I lightly figure where the feeatures go using the same rules you learned in my other head tutorials. Eyes approximately 1 eye-width apart. the bottom of the nose sits on a line halfway between the eyeline and the chin. The mouth about 1/3 the way down from that. The ear is placed vertically between the browline and the noseline.

3/4 View : Step 4- That Male Face

The Cheekbones and Jawline is what really helps differentiate your character from other male characters you will create. It also helps define your character as distictly male if your having problems with you males looking to "feminine" (Or maybe you draw bishoujo style..in which case, nevermind).


3/4 View : Step 4- Clearing it up

Now you can start to erase your support lines and concentrate on detailing the features. Male eyes aren't as large and sparkly as female eyes. They are more rectangular than almond shaped and the lash lines arent as heavy. Make the eyebrows strong and dark. The nose should not be tipped up like on female faces. Make them more "Wedge" shaped.


3/4 View : Now you got it

Here's what I came up with for a final version (granted a messy one). I made the halftone in photoshop to give it that "manga" feel

Good Luck!



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