Front View : Step 1- the oval

Draw a circle. The circle is the foundation of the head for any veiwpoint. It doesn't need to be a perfect circle like this. A basic ovoid shape will do nicely.

Front View : Step 2- the chin

Add the chin. Manga faces, espescially femal ones, are heart-shaped. Imagine cutting off the top round parts of a valentine heart shape and attaching the lower part to a sphere...That's how we got what you see to the left.

Front View : Step 3-Facial Divisions

Split the face shape in half vertically and horizontally. These axis lines are the Nose line (vertical) and the eyeline (horizontal).

Divide the lower portion in half again horizontally. This line is the bottom of the ear and nose line.

I draw an additional oval shape inside to help me keep the facial features centered on the front plane of the head. The inner oval goes from hairline to chin.


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