I’m Patrick Shettlesworth. You may remember me from nearly 10 years ago when I put up some lousy tutorials on how to draw and color stuff in a world where there weren’t very many tutorials. Nostalgia must have brought you back because I’ve updated almost nothing in that last few years. I keep the site up because I like to have a place to put my stuff….and it’s nice to have visitors.

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  • keynada:

    hey i was wondering if you could send me alot of helful tutorials on how to draw anime hair i looked at the one you have on the site but i need a little more help thanks


  • Tom R:

    Your tutorials are great tools for begginer manga artist and comic artist around the world.Great stuff here. Some of the tutorials helped quite a bit thank you.

  • I remember finding your tutorials when I was about 14 or so. Back then I was on a serious pen and ink kick and you really helped me to improve. Now I have my own website, sell my work, and am starting to make a name for myself. Thanks so much for being awesome!

  • Bine:

    hey dude…u r great!!!i mean,am just in Cameroon(Africa) and i went thru ur stuff.U have inspired me.Will nid more tutorials as am about to launch ma own comic and i hope to begin the business in africa in the nearest future.I will mail u my problems as much as i can.hope u wont mind.
    once again,thanks bine(20yrs/Cameroonian)

  • Dani:

    Man! I remember coming here a few years back when I first started getting serious about drawing. A nostalgia kick indeed!
    Thanks a ton. c:

  • Nate:

    Hi Patrick!

    While I do return occasionally of nostalgia, I wanted to give you a big thank you for your tutorials even now. I appreciate that your tutorials are more rough and portray the artist during the actual working process.

    I find that with many of the newer tutorials I become overwhelmed with the HUGE difference in skill level displayed IN A TUTORIAL. I believe that your tutorials are still some of the best out there especially for beginning and intermediate artists.

    Thank You!


    PS I also love seeing your portfolio on the site since it shows how rough you kept it in the tutorials. Your portfolio overwhelms me sometimes with how much better your skills are than mine.

  • Hey! Thanks a lot! I remember the fun of doing those tutorials because I was as excited about learning a digital medium as I was to share it. Glad you came back around. Patrick

  • Noah:

    Call it nostalgia if you like, I call it an appreciation of a wonderful artist whose site I used to turn to for assistance! Your tutorials and content rocked and helped me greatly.
    While I didn’t not end up pursuing the industry as an artist, I still very fondly and appreciatively look back at things I picked up from this site!

    I’m pissed I never go to read a full PolyKarbon story arc – did you ever produce one?

  • Ben:

    Hi Patrick, I just discovered this blog recently coz i went googling for the old Tutorials! You got me started with photoshop and I just thought I should say “Thank You!” though its so many years late!

  • Wow, I was going through some old paper books and found a load of your tutorials i printed out for safe keeping.

    “Good thing I did as they are no longer online! XD”

    At least I can say a sincere “Thank You” for what you shared as it was a great help from 2005 till now as I plan on revising some of the techniques.

    All the best.


  • Thanks! The tutorials are still up…but really old.

  • Hi, Patrick!

    Coincidentally (in sync with Flojitz above), I too was just now going through some old paper printouts from binders I was going to discard… and found a couple of your tutorials I had printed out for safekeeping/reference.

    They are still awesome tutorials (even if I never got around to doing much Photoshop illustration)… thank you so much for creating them way back when! And I’m surprised and pleased to see that you still have them available at your site.


  • TripHazard:

    I was wondering if you’re doing any NEW tutorials? I also used to use the old tutorials and you made it really easy to follow a drawing tutorial.

  • Naike:

    Is your mail @polykarbon.com still valid?
    I am a French Artist Painter and Graphique Designer. Some years ago i found your Art file “Polybreak2.EPS” on Google. You authorized at this time to colour it for a personal use.
    You were saying : “If you’re really proud of your coloring job you may post the colored pic on your site but it must be accompanied with my credit for the line art.
    I found the work i realized on your Art File, lately. Ok, i am proud and i would like to show you and ask your permission.

    I can send it to which email?

    I love so much yours Art. Thank you

  • Jay:

    Thanks for your tutorials!
    I’m glad you still have them up.
    I recently used them as a reference for a project. 😀
    good stuff!

  • I haven’t done any new ones but I should. Sometimes I put process shots on the facebook page.other than keeping this site as a boneyard I’m still considering what to do with it.

  • Sorry about the 2 year delay in response. Hopefully you’ve already gone and posted it. If not go ahead. The polycarbonate email got overwhelmed with spam so it’s hard to see real emails from real people in it.

  • Van:

    Hey man, I don’t know how often you check your site, but I remember visiting PK when I was 12-13 years old (I’m turning 21 next month). They really helped me when I was younger, and I have print outs of your tutorials that I kept in a binder! It’s not as helpful now that I’m older and my skills have improved, but it made a huge impact on me when I was younger, and I just wanted to drop by and thank you for everything.
    I hope you’re doing well in life, and wish you luck with everything.

  • Thanks Van, I don’t check too often these days, it’s true. I just keep it up for whoever. I’m an art director now and doing well. Happy 21st birthday!

  • secretsteve:

    Holy crap! I just remembered this site and am so happy it’s still up, even though it looks super different. I just figured I’d let you knew back in like 2002-2003 when I was in my preteens/early teens I used to visit your site all the time and studied your tutorials religiously. I made lousy, crappy art from it, but it was one of the very first steps in devoting myself to becoming some kind of artist. Now I’m an art director at a big advertising agency and am a pretty succesful webcomic creator in my free time, so I wanna thank you because you definitely had a hand in that, even though I only just realised that.

    Thanks Patrick, you and Poly really helped me out!

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