Below are pictures my son Paxton drew that I maliciously stole, scanned and photoshopped without his permission.

Paper Plate Heroes

Paxton's original characters

Spider-man - no more

Spiderman: No more

Lizzie from Rampage

Lizzie the giant monster

George know....from Rampage

5 Responses to “Daddy Messed It Up”

  • I’ve been visiting this site off and on for nigh a decade, but I must say, I’ve never been truly compelled to post on the message boards or comment until now. Your talents are truly amazing. The “Lizzie” one is awesome…to make that from what it was…Keep it up!

  • John LaBrie:

    I came to your site looking for drawing tutorials from 10 years ago. I found a sticky note with your website jotted on it when I was going through boxes of old stuff from 2004 and before. I am so glad I found your site!! And by the way, your son has some serious talent.

  • Kit:

    To echo the previous comment, I just found a bookmark to your site backed up on a CD dated 2003. Thanks for maintaining your site with the old tutorials and keep up the good work!

  • Nav:

    i learned how to draw and digitally color with your tutorials. thank you so much for keeping them up. i hope they inspire others to do the same. these images are so cute! father/son team.

  • al:

    It’s amazing to see this site is still up. I can’t even think about when I first used the tutorials here. It’s been a while since I last picked up a pencil (life got in the way) I decided to draw one day and realized my quality decline. I came here to refresh on the basics.

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