3/4 View : Step 1- the oval

Draw a circle. The circle is the foundation of the head for any veiwpoint. It doesn't need to be a perfect circle like this. A basic ovoid shape will do nicely.

3/4 View : Step 2- the chin

Add the chin. Manga faces, espescially femal ones, are heart-shaped. A little gues work is involved here as far as were to bow the cheek curve in at the eyeline and how sharp an angle to do the Jawline. Little adjustments will have to be made over the course of the drawing.

For now just make something like you see here.

3/4 View : Step 3-Facial Divisions

Split the face shape in half vertically and horizontally. These axis lines are the Nose line (vertical) and the eyeline (horizontal). The Noseline should extend in a curved line from the top of the head to the point of the chin.

Notice how the jawline meets up with the vertical earline


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