3/4 View : Step 4- Feature Placement

Divide the lower portion of the face in half horizontaly to provide the bottom of the nose line. Follow the curve of the face toward the back to see that the bottom of the ear sits on this same line. 1/3 down from that is the mouth line.

The top of the ear should extend just above the Eyeline. The top of the ear indicates the "Brow" line.

A 45 degree angle between the eyeline and the vertical earline is where we place the hairline.

3/4 View : Step 5- the eyes

Eyes are to be placed on the eyeline (imagine that). I set the corners of the eye on that line. Notice that the eye father away from the viewer is shorter in length. This is to simulate the curvature of the head. It takes a little bit of practice to make this look right but if you laid out all your proportion lines correctly it will make the task of feature placement much easier. After lots of practice you won't need to draw as many setup lines.


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